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Together with our own house sales department, our locally leading and specially selected real estate partners or at the developer's request, also in a central overall responsibility with the active integration of all our internationally affiliated real estate partners in our Europe-wide network, we accompany the project and product planning as well as the design of the entire concept marketing from the earliest possible point in time or also support the developer and his house sales department already during the ongoing marketing phase in order to optimize process flows, to significantly increase the sales reach or the targeted addressing of special target groups and to sustainably increase the desired sales figures.

In the process, the projects can be actively communicated to our target clientele and marketed internationally in several languages at a very early stage through an extremely high-quality, own virtual world of experience (project - micro-sales site) and a detailed emotional visualization in a moving 3D-project film via our platform area "REAL ESTATE DEVELOPEMENT - PROJECT MARKETING".

In addition, while cooperating with Luxus Liegenschaften and our selected partners, the developer also receives access to our unique sales dynamics which are based in the network of our leading real estate and sales partners of the platform, who are selected and contractually connected throughout Europe.

On request, a property development project can be put together in this way as a uniform, communication-ready package and given to our currently more than 200 leading real estate partners not only in the umbrella region, but also in important top European locations for active public or purely discreet marketing, as well as for targeted communication with your international portfolio clientele.

In this way, each property development project, prepared in high-quality media, receives a unique sales dynamic with optimal and international marketing reach and maximum efficiency in addressing national as well as international target customers. In this way, not only is the sustainable marketing of the individual project units actively supported by the company's own sales team, but also the image of the developer and the high-quality standards of the project realization are conveyed to the maximum extent.



• Basic analysis of your personal real estate wishes and search profile.

• Tailor-made service concepts through your QUALIFIED BUYERS MANDATE / PERSONAL INQUIRY, your very own VIP-ServiceCare".

• VIP real estate service / "Off-Market Pool" with preferential treatment, individual support and access to high-quality properties of our international network partners, which are not publicly offered on the market.

• Possible assignment as "Buyers Agent" to represent your personal interests within the scope of a specific search and order mandate ("Qualified Buyers Mandate"). Please feel free to contact us regarding the service modules - we will save you a lot of effort, time and unnecessary ways and will find the desired property that exactly fits your needs.

• Bundling of the highest quality real estate offers from the leading real estate partners and developers in your region of interest, thus saving you a lot of time in communication and in your own search for your dream property/investment.

• Guarantee of a high-level of competence and service quality through the real estate partners and service companies we have carefully selected on the market.

• Discreet and confidential implementation of your service orders according to uniformly high standards.

• Access to key service providers and referral partners in our local and international network for sound and individual pre- and after-sales advice/support, depending on your needs.

• Special advantages and privileges as well as preferred event invitations as a future member of our "Luxus Liegenschaften Members Club", which is currently under construction.

• Set-up of your own, free "My-LL" user account with an overall view of your platform activities, your favorite properties as well as continuous news on the areas of interest you have deposited.



• At developer's request, complete concept and design creation of project marketing across all media and measures, and advice on target group-driven product development and individual equipment criteria.

• Precise target customer analysis for structuring and planning the required media and communication channels.

• Creation of professional sales documents such as high-end renderings or even development of the experienceable complete end product through a 3D-visualized very high-quality and detailed „project film" or "Virtual Tour", exclusive and high-quality project image brochure or co-design or optimization of your existing media and marketing tools with adaptation to the communication and business model of our specialized LUXUS LIEGENSCHAFTEN - marketing platform.

• Conception, creation and online presentation of a project-own, virtual world of experience/micro-sales page (own project homepage) and active, international marketing through continuous online/SEM campaigns as well as on our LUXUS LIEGENSCHAFTEN platform in the concept area of our "property developer and project marketing" as well as directly at the "point of interest" of the targeted clientele.

• Continuous sending of detailed project descriptions/exposés/PDF-folders to pre-registered or actively inquiring local, national as well as international search customers, potential buyers and investors with targeted pre-selection for further processing by your house sales, your sales team or our local integrated LL-partner.

• Targeted multilingual Internet deep marketing directly at the "point of interest" with own multilingual AdWords campaigns for active promotion of the individual project homepage/microsite on Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. as well as for targeting the actively searching buyer/investor market that fits into the project development profile.

• Elaborate video or 3D visualized film production with guided "Virtual Tours" for early presentation and illustration of the later, concrete project final development condition; thus, maximizing binding reservations and purchase closings at a very early stage while construction is still in progress.

• Production of these media by us and our professional agency partners according to our specifications, along your qualified construction and equipment description, your area dimensions, visual axes and interior design concepts in close joint coordination.

• On request, production of an exclusive and noble project book or a high-quality image brochure with personal handover to viewing clients as well as to our entire network of international multipliers, experts and cooperation partners (renowned international private banks, family offices, asset managers, tax advisors, lawyers and auditors or actively involved LL sales partners), in order to use the targeted referral business also of industry-related consultants and intermediaries and to integrate them into the active marketing of the project.

• On request, organization and hosting of several targeted multiplier events (private banks, family offices) with specially invited guests and potential buyers/investors during a jointly organized project event, with our local broker partners as well as some selected premium partners of the platform (see detailed premium partner concept) for an impressive presentation and introduction of your construction project, as well as for an early purchase sensitization of wealthy target clientele.

• Integration of project marketing in our regular communication media (platform concept section "property developers & project marketing") as well as on all most frequented pages of the platform or in our "video lifestyle magazine",

• Regular (special) newsletter with targeted project presentation, press relations, social media image marketing, remarketing for project micro-sales page, editorial magazine presentation, etc.

• Presentation and ad placement in various premium oriented print, online and national as well as international trade media, such as “FAZ”, “Welt am Sonntag”,” Immobilienwirtschaft”, “Sunday Times”, “Forbes Magazine”, special real estate, luxury and lifestyle magazines and ongoing press and ad campaigns in local and international mainstream media after coordination with the developer's own media activities.

• At the developer's request, close cooperation with its own sales team or assumption of central overall coordination/responsibility for the marketing of the project, incorporating a wide variety of interlocking and target-oriented communication and marketing channels, as explained above.

• Control of the operational process as well as the in-depth preliminary project discussions with interested customers as well as contractual initiation and processing at the request of the developer by our responsible project and quality management in close coordination with our luxury real estate - partners etc. involved in the project marketing or exclusively commissioned by you.


Since the conditions of such a cooperation must always be closely adapted to the respective initial situation of a project realization, a construction progress or an already ongoing project marketing, we would not like to go into the various possibilities and conditions of an active cooperation with our specialized marketing platform in more detail at this point and would rather discuss these with you personally.

If we have aroused your curiosity with regard to a possible cooperation with our unique marketing platform as well as with our international network of leading market participants and experts throughout Europe and you would like to have your current or future property development projects in the premium and luxury segment supervised, advised or professionally marketed by us, then we look forward to getting to know your company and your exclusive construction projects in person.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at or arrange a personal appointment directly through us or through our real estate partner, who will personally hand over this brief concept to you if necessary or who has sent it to you.

We are looking forward to a very interesting and professionally challenging exchange of ideas, which will most likely provide you with a completely new perspective on sustainable and intelligent project marketing, as well as unique access to completely new, international target customer groups, and will meaningfully support and enrich your own activities in this area.



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